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Massage with Recovery Time

No need to Rush out after your massage

For those clients who hate to get right off the table – no need to get off the table… stay 15 minutes longer!

Enjoy an additional 15 minutes of Peace and Tranquility
(up to 30 minutes)

Choose your massage
After your massage
Experience 15 minutes of relaxation, recovery & healing
on our SPECIAL healing mat ( far infrared light) for only $15.00
For the Ultimate Experience
Call for Details….

This informative article was originally published in the 2012 Vacation Directory.


Open Mondays!

Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness offers many preventative and alternative health services. Our spa is designed to understand the Individual need of each client. With the rising cost of health insurance and thousands of people who are not insured staying healthy is important. At Casa Blanca Spa our goal is to improve your health or avoid illness and disease. Some of our therapies are Detoxification, Qi Gong Massage and Cranial Sacral.

Detoxification packages Detoxification packages have become popular. The reason being the body can store waste and toxins in the tissues, cells and organs for years. The detoxification process enables the body to liquefy these accumulated wastes and toxins. The body is first cleansed with the exfoliation process, followed by an herbal body wrap. The client is then wrapped like a cocoon. The client lies on a Far infrared (Bio mat) healing device to accelerate the process. The herbs penetrate through the dermis to detoxify the skin. The Far infrared light increased the intensity of the detoxification process. The Far infrared light also works on circulation, pulls lactic acid out of joints and relaxes the client into a delta state. When the treatment is completed the client will require drinking water and urination for the releasing of the toxins will occur. The skin and the body are clean, healthy and purified. Depending on the level of toxins in the body one or more treatment may be necessary. Overall vitality will increase.

Another great healing modality is Qi Gong Massage. People who feel depressed or have low energy (fatigue) can benefit greatly from this treatment. The therapist is able to shift the energy to flow freely and in the proper direction. In Chinese medicine the belief is all disease starts at the energetic level and if we feel sluggish, tired, worried, anxious or angry the first step in releasing these symptoms is by redirecting the energy. We can then work the acupressure points to open up the energy blocked in the meridian line, releasing the energy to flow freely throughout the body. People leave feeling happy, refreshed centered and energized.

People are now realizing life style affects how they look and feel. People who are constantly on the go and eat fast food or eat on the run will start to feel how this affects their body. They may start feeling really tired all the time; experience constant headaches, feel depressed or not be able to sleep at night. They might have a nagging neck ache that never really seems to go away or their lower back chromatically hurts. These are just some of the consequences that may occur.

The benefits of the services we have to offer at Casa Blanca Spa including feeling wonderful, rejuvenated, pampered, stress free, pain free, beautified and more. The results are amazing. Call Paula for consultation.

Our Policy is 24 Hour notice for all cancellations & no shows will be charged the full amount of service. Parties of 3 or more: 18% gratuity will be added to total services. Prices subject to change without notice. We appreciate your business and thank you in advance.

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