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5 Reasons You Should Avoid A Massage Franchise

Are you tempted to visit a Massage Franchise?

As a professional who truly cares about each and every client I see, I am thoroughly disheartened by the rise of the “mall massage” or “Franchise Massage” that seem to be popping up on every corner and strip mall around. First off let me state the obvious, this post is not about the competition to my own Spa these places offer, but really about the quality of service you receive.

I have spent years perfecting my craft, I have traveled far and wide to learn the healing arts, and I look forward to the personal connection I develop with each client.  In my spa, we are not trying to just bring people in the door at all costs, book as many appointments as wen can cram into a day, or trying to shave minutes off each appointment to save time. When looking for the best spas in Hilton Head, you need to explore all of your options. Let me highlight just a few of the reasons a true Spa & Wellness Center has more to offer than any National Chain.

-Inexperience. Many Chain / Franchis Spas employ newly licensed therapist, most with less than a year of experience. What kind of quality massage can you expect from someone who is still learning and is forced to work in a high stress environment. Massage is an art that takes a great deal of time to learn properly and to be able to offer a real benefit, you have to be educated in the mind, body, and energy of people. This is an aspect of massage that takes time to develop and is vital in healing clients. With so many inexperienced employees in one spot, they usually have no senior healers to look to for guidance and advice. Lack of skill results in a poor massage treatment.

-Over Booking. This is a very common issue I see with Chain / Franchise Spas. Most newly licensed therapist think they are entering a world of tranquil music in a peaceful environment. Where they can spend quality time relieving clients of stress and tension. Nothing can be further from the truth! For starters, they are booked each and every hour, often back to back. This hardly leaves time to spend with clients, get to know them, get to the root of the issues. It also does not leave enough time to clean and prepare the room for the next session or relax and focus on the next client. These spas’ business model is based entirely around being booked each hour they are open. Giving a massage requires my full attention!

-Lack Of Real Value. One thing I have never understood is how you can open a business with the hope that customers will pay you, but not use your service. Chain / Franchise Spas are modeled on the “use it, or lose it” principle. Just like some gym memberships! You sign up on a monthly basis that is billed automatically regardless if you visit the Spa or not. Many memberships cost between $89 – $139 a month and industry trade publications state that the majority of their customers only visit twice a month the first few times then quickly drop off to once a month.  Why waste your money on a service you are not using? Those are pretty expensive massage by under qualified people.

-The Upsell Never Stops. Another thing to watch out for is the constant upsell of spa products and add-ons to your service. The Chain Spas insist their therapist cross sell additional retail products and are often trained in high pressure sales tactics, some even going as far as using your relaxed guard after a massage to push additional items on you for purchase. At a true Spa & Wellness Center, there is never an obligation or pressure to purchase anything.

-High Turnover. So far, it sounds like a place I don’t want to go, can you imagine working in this environment? Neither can many therapist! That is one reason why many times you will not get the same therapist or you come to find out they no longer work there. A massage is a relaxing and peaceful process, but is tough to be relaxed as a therapist knowing you have to hurry up and get to the next appointment. You never really can develop a relationship with your therapist and take your healing to the next level. Over time, I really get to know my clients and can develop a long term healing plan. I know their bodies and can help on greater levels as we grow as friends. Getting a massage is a special event and a very personal one, sometimes it takes a few sessions before clients will be relaxed enough to really work their muscles and tissue. If you have a different therapist each time, you are only hindering the results that are intended.

Just like so many other professions, a properly trained and dedicated therapist will offer so much more when it comes to getting quality treatment. Massage and Spa treatments can turn disastrous if the person performing them is not trained, certified, and most of all knowledgeable! There are so many different fields of massage and holistic healing that it becomes very important to do your research and find a therapist that is licensed from an accredited institution, has been in business for some time, and has a great reputation.  Take the time to do your homework, ask friends, and read reviews. It also can be a good idea to visit ahead of time to see if you like the feel and energy of the Spa you plan on going to. Many Spa owners are happy to take a few moments for introductions and an opportunity to see how they can help.

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