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Life is a true mystery! Living in the unknown can be exhilarating!

I woke up this morning feeling inspired to write about the power of positive thinking. Having just gone through a rough week myself I decided I was causing my own pain. When we think positive all great things happen! It feels GREAT to smile and be happy. We all get stuck sometime. The only happiness that will occur is the one we create. We are in charge of making ourselves happy! No one else can…. An easy way to make yourself become positive is by smiling. The more you smile the more you will attract people who smile and you will become happy! People will say to you I love your smile! This will make you feel could and start the positive process! One thing will lead to another!

Life is a true mystery! Living in the unknown can be exhilarating! Did you ever let go and realized life has become more interesting? Did you ever feel drained by trying to control everything? It is exhausting in my opinion! When I decided to let go things became a lot easier… I CALL it going with the flow!

Did you ever hear of the saying – What we resist persists? The more we resist the more it is magnified. It took me a long time to realize this saying is so true. But when I totally got it I realized the more I let go the more I received what I need. Accepting what is and not trying to change things can be challenging. But once you accept what is you can relax and move into what you need.

Did you ever meet someone and they affected you in some way but you don’t know why? We meet folks on our journey to learn about ourselves. There is always a message. We learn from each other! Sometimes they may mirror exactly who we are and other times we see “Oh yes I like what I just saw and that person has just uplifted me”. When we meet a person who really pissed us off we may say “Wow! What are they triggering inside of me?” What is it that I need to learn about myself? I know I am ok…. I am not a perfect being. It’s great to take the challenge of learning why that person affected me. It’s all good!

The opposite of fear is love – One of my favorite Beatles Song is: All we need is love! Sounds so simple? Because it is SO Simple! Most people operate out of fear. Society has taught us not to trust! Many of us have had an unhappy childhood or some kind of trauma that has left a scar. But life is so short! We are put on this earth to enjoy life! So how can we elevate our pain? We are the masters of our own destiny! The first step I believe is change your attitude and watch miracles unfold. We cannot control others or our past. We only have the present moment. So trusting in the gift of life is all we have that is certain.

Have you ever caught yourself living in the past? Thinking about something that has happened to you and your not even conscious of it in the moment? I have caught myself doing this. I am with someone and I realize gosh I am not in the present moment. I am thinking about something that I have experienced in the past and attaching it to the present moment. I realize WOW that is not what is happening! Once you start realizing this you can stop it! I say to myself no this is old stuff. I call it being conscious in the present moment.

Did you ever notice that when you feel positive things run smoothly and happy unexpected surprises come along! Life is a true mystery and living in the mystery is a GREAT CHALLENGE BUT WHEN YOU GET IT BEAUTIFUL THINGS START TO UNFOLD.

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