Reiki is a form of energy healing

Benefits of Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing. This Japanese health approach is rooted in the idea of life force energy flowing through the body. It follows the belief that when this energy is blocked or unbalanced, it can lead to health problems through the mind, body and spirit.

What is Reiki used for? A Reiki practitioner uses their hands to improve the flow of energy throughout the body, encouraging an optimal state of health and well-being. Here are some of Reiki’s many benefits. 

Provides Relaxation

Even someone who isn’t sure about Reiki could find that a session relaxes and rejuvenates them. It gives the opportunity to lie down and dedicate some time to relaxing, in addition to having someone provide you with nurturing and care.

Yet, the experience goes beyond lying down, as people tend to feel heat or coolness along with the push and pull of energy coming from the practitioner’s hands. What do you feel after Reiki? Through the relaxation and energy flow of the session, people may feel a meditative state that relieves tension and connects them with their inner selves and potentially a divine connection.

As Hilton Head’s top reiki therapists, we can guide you on how reiki can help you feel better.

Promotes Physical Health

Reiki can provide wonderful benefits to the physical body, many of which have been supported by research. A study found benefits that included reduced pain, blood pressure and respiration rate from Reiki. Other research has found improvements related to pain, sleep, relaxation and well-being. These are just examples of the various health benefits that research has supported.

Improves Mental and Emotional Health

Research has supported Reiki’s role in improving anxiety. People who receive it find it relaxing and stress-relieving, which is beneficial to mental and emotional health. It’s also used to benefit depression, and can be combined with other forms of treatment. Reiki promotes mental and emotional balance and an improved perspective on life.

Encourages Spiritual Growth

As a mind-body-spirit form of complementary and alternative medicine, Reiki energy healing targets spiritual health as much as the other aspects of health. During a session, many people find they relax and enter a meditative state.

They let go of focusing on their external environment and their thoughts and worries. They enter an inner state of meditation, which can transcend into a spiritual and enlightened state. You may experience this benefit more and more through continued Reiki sessions.

Helps Energy Flow

Reiki follows the belief that energy can become blocked and unbalanced, failing to flow through the body properly, which could lead to various problems to health and well-being. Reiki is designed to unblock and balance the energy to help it flow, promoting healing and optimal health.

Is Gentle and Non-Invasive

Reiki provides a health-promoting technique that’s gentle and non-invasive. It’s not necessary for the practitioner to touch the person, as the hands can hover over the body to transmit energy. The session is gentle and relaxing for the person receiving Reiki.

Encourages Balance

The Reiki system adheres to the idea that people can become unbalanced in their physical, mental and spiritual health. Reiki is designed to balance the energy within the body and create a balanced, whole state of health and wellness.

Promotes the Body’s Own Healing

By relaxing, removing tension and taking away blocks and imbalances, Reiki is designed to promote the body’s own natural methods of healing. It promotes optimal health and wellness within body systems, life force energy, emotions and other aspects of mind-body-spirit to help the body’s systems work as they should, in their best state possible.

Encourages Healthy Sleep

People may find themselves falling asleep during a Reiki session because of how relaxed and meditative it can be. Yet the benefits to rest and sleep can extend beyond the session to help you relax and unwind better at the end of a long day. You may find that Reiki improves your sleep over time, which promotes rejuvenation and healing as you rest.


Reiki improves the flow of energy throughout the body and also encourages the body to work and heal itself as it naturally should. This in turn allows the body to cleanse and release itself of toxins. Detoxifying the body can help support the immune system, help the body protect itself and promote overall health and well-being.

Can Complement Other Healthcare

When you take advantage of Reiki sessions, you don’t need to give up other types of conventional medical or non-traditional health care. Reiki works as an ideal complement to other care, and it may even enhance the beneficial nature of other treatments by helping your anxiety, stress and other factors that could be blocking healing.

Try Reiki for Yourself in Hilton Head, SC

You could experience some of the benefits of Reiki from just one visit, such as relaxation and releasing energy blocks. Yet the beneficial nature of Reiki can grow as you continue to receive this form of energy healing. How many sessions of Reiki do you need? Generally, the number of sessions would be tailored to your goals and how long it takes to notice an improvement.

We provide relaxing, healing and rejuvenative Reiki sessions at Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness. If you still have questions about what is reiki good for and how it could benefit your individual situation, please reach out to us. Ask questions or set up a Reiki session appointment by calling 843-816-3355 or contacting us through our website.

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