Energy Healing

Energy Work & Healing

When we are experiencing physical ailments we see our doctor or healthcare practitioner. When our troubles are emotional or mental, we seek help from counselors or psychologists. When we are experience energetic or spiritual imbalances, we can turn to the Healing Arts. these difficulties can be met on the same level through energy healing. The practitioner works at an energetic plane, transcending time and space, to channel healing at a profound level, where resolution for past traumas and issues can occur at the core. This opens the client up to new heights of health, happiness, focus, vitality, and empowerment, where infinite possibilities exist. Energy work is not in conflict with other traditional health care modalities, but rather works to support them through holistic healing.

Unwinding Grace $100

The energy healing of unwinding!

A true Medicine for our body! Paula has created her own technique of energy healing, through many years of being a Reiki Master, Craniosacral Therapist & Massage therapist. Our bodies are a road map to our life experiences.

Through vibrational energy Paula can unwind the blockages that no longer serve you! (the trauma, memory, pain, stiffness, emotions & discomfort.)
1hr session $100
Package of 3 $90 each

Clients leave feeling energized relaxed and joyful

Bio Dynamic Cranial Touch $85

Heal your body & evolve your consciousness. A Healing of touch connecting with your heart field. Connect to a neutral space and arrive in the present and trust in the wisdom of life as it unfolds moment by moment. Great also for releasing anxiety, depression, restlessness and insomnia.

Energy Healing $85

The power of healing through vibrational touch. A Relaxing way to heal by opening the gates (blockages) to release and restore vitality, joy & higher consciousness – Add an Intuitive Reading $45

Energy Healing w/ Animal Spirit Guide $90

Craniosacral therapy working on the emotional level. While experiencing Craniosacral therapy Paula will receive an animal spirit with a message for your highest good.

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