Healing Diverticulitis Naturally

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How to heal the body/soul organically…True

healing comes from within!

I recently had Diverticulitis. I had very intense pain and was admitted to the emergency room. The infection was not totally healed with antibiotics. The doctor said I would need surgery and to cut out my colon to heal the infection.
In my heart, I did not feel that surgery was necessary. My gut feeling!

Here are the 10 ways I went about healing myself:

1: Clear intention: I was being clear that no surgery was needed. I did EXPECT a miracle to happen. They key word is “expect”! Many people believe in miracles…. But do they expect them to happen? I did!!

2: Believing in the power of God and prayer. This is also an intention. Without prayer and believing in God, the miracle would not have happened.
The doctor told me to come back in a month to see how I was doing. The infection was still there, but I had no pain. He was still considering surgery. I went home and prayed. I prayed that the infection would leave me. I prayed for forgiveness and for others. I prayed all day and night with clear intention.

3: Meditation & inner voice: Meditation is the key to healing. Every morning I would sit on my balcony and meditate. What is meditation? Sitting still and quieting the chatter (ego). The quiet thoughts that come in are your inner voice, or soul, speaking to you! The first inner voice I heard was forgive yourself and forgive others. I meditated everyday and was able to connect with my stillness within. The connection to myself was peaceful and rewarding.

4: Forgiveness: During my time of prayer (6 to 8 hours a day), I would pray for forgiveness of how I hurt others in my life. I would pray for them. I would send them love, prayers and blessings and ask for forgiveness. I also called people and verbally told them that I was sorry. I prayed to be able to forgive myself too. You must forgive yourself ! Praying for your own forgiveness opens the energy throughout the body. It also raises your consciousness to love yourself more. The process of meditation and prayer will connect with your soul.

5: Self love & Judgement: I learned through prayer and meditation that I judged myself, which in turn caused me to judge others. I became demanding of myself and others. The way to heal this is surrendering! I surrendered all the negative thoughts to God. Every time a negative thought popped into my consciousness, I would say “no”, and ask for forgiveness.

The book I Cing is a great book to help you learn the power of “No”the iC

The I Ching, the Book of Changes- A Guide to Life’s Turning Points

This book is a staple in my life.

If you would like to change the emotional content of your life to help heal, I am ready to help you.

]6: The Power of Surrender: When I would pray, I would let go of negative thoughts. I would surrender all my thoughts to God. I would say, “I surrender”, and accept what is. This allowed me to let go of the past and live in the present moment.

Letting go and surrendering to God is the most powerful way to healing. What it did for me… I stopped judging. I felt more connected to my soul and I loved myself more. I became less attached to people and things. I was able to focus on the present moment. I acquired inner peace.

7. Mindfulness: A state of being in the present moment. Being conscious of your present state and what is around you. How many times can you recall being in your head that you didn’t even know how your got to where you were going? This is an example of not being present.
This is the ego! The ego wants you to judge and live in the past. The ego can be healthy too, but if it takes over and stops you from listening to your inner voice, then it is an unhealthy state of mind.

8. Peace & Calm: During my first meditation I realized I was not centered. When I learned to stop judging and accept what is, I was able to surrender. I then connected to a calmness and peacefulness inside.

I made a choice to let go of negative people in my life. Negativity brings you down. It does not serve you to be around negative people. They only want to bring you down.

If you enjoy reading: Transcending the Levels of Consciousness by David Hawkins

9. Nourishment: How do we nourish our bodies? Food is an important issue. I eat organic. Too many pesticides and GMO products are related to health issues in America . Drink good water and eat slowly to digest your food. Soda is filled with sugar and only makes you desire more. It has no health benefits and cancer loves sugar.

Eating slowly and enjoying the food is important. We need to taste the food. Eating slowly makes you eat less and helps your digestive track work. Taking a probiotic helps protect the good bacteria in our body.

Eating a high fiber diet helps to regulate you bowel movements. It is important to go every day. Otherwise, the bacteria can back up and go into your organs, potentially causing serious disease.

I drink alkaline water. It clears out the free radicals that are dormant in the body. Spring water is also good.

Make eating healthy a lifestyle, not a diet!

Website that help me heal with nutrition healyourlife.com
diverticulitispainfreefoods.com this website has nice tea and good, detailed information.

During my healing, I drank pineapple juice to help clear the infection. Pineapple juice consists of bromelain an enzyme with antioxidant properties that may reduce inflammation and reduce the chances of colon cancer. Pineapple juice is also high in vitamin C, Magnesium and minerals. I drink a glass every morning.

10: Power of love & being positive: During my healing, my beloved told me “you can do it! It’s all in your mind. It may not be easy but you can do it!””
My soul sister said, “if anyone can heal themselves, you can”. I am grateful for her. Another soul sister said, “you’re going to heal it yourself. You can do it!”I felt love from all of their words, which gave me strength, guidance, self-control, courage, faith, self-love and trust!

I am ready to enjoy the mystery of my new health journey ! I am open to receive love! I am open to help others and open to all possibilities

If you are looking for a healthy way to heal, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to help you experience a healthy recovery and a better quality of life!Paula Biondo

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