Hilton Head Island Spa Packages

Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness is dedicated to offering treatments that offer wellness for the entire body and services that enhance your inner and outer beauty! Our passionate staff consisting of 8 years or more experience is focuses on listening to your individual needs. Our wellness center is their to help educate you on how the body works and show you how lifestyle affects your body, mind, spirit and emotions. Our variety of massage services, body wraps and facials are unique. Each service is customized to the needs of the individual.

Pampering Packages

Looking for a spa getaway in the Hilton Head area? Our signature Spa Packages are designed to deliver relaxing, sumptuous combinations of our most popular spa services — massage, facial, aromatherapy, and body treatments — all at a very special spa price.

Islanders Wellness Package

30 min massage  with  30 min Craniosacral or Reiki .
Followed by an Organic Facial  (Organic Gogi Berry or Alovera Seaweed Honey & Honey Suckle Mask )for $195
30 min massage  30 min Craniosacral or Reiki
Followed by a Collagen Facial
 Collagen facial $235
(Consists of 2 mask  facial pure Collagen to firm reduce  fine lines improve  pigmentation & Organic Gogi Berry or Alovera Seaweed Honey & Honey Suckle Mask )


Beach Lovers

Massage, facial, and aromatherapy body scrub for 2.5 hours.
Add healing benefits of infra red light from a BioMat! Healing – cleansing – detoxifying! For an additional 30 minutes for $35


Mother Daughter Spa Escape

45 Minute Custom Massage that includes a back and shoulder exfoliation with Vanilla, Orange and Shea butter cream for extra pampering and conditioning. Following that will be a 45 minute exfoliating facial with a Scalp Massage and end your treatment with soothing warm towels for a deep relaxation. $220 per person.

$220 per person

Queen For The Day

Customized Massage with Anti Aging Facial.

50 min custom massage and 50 min anti aging facial.

add a deep cleansing facial instead of anti aging additional $30

deep tissue additional $20.00


King For The Day

80 minute stress release massage with 30 minute facial.

deep tissue additional $20.00


The Low Country Escape

For clients who have difficulty relaxing, the ultimate deep relaxation experience.

First 60 min Relaxation Aromatherapy Massage followed by a Rejuvenating , Anti Aging Facial and then a Reiki Session

Total Package: 2.5 Hours


Come in Out of the Sun: Moisturizing Treatment

After a day or week at the beach or from tired dry sunburned skin come in out of the Sun for a 60 min relaxation massage with organic Skin restore herbal oil (ingredients- avocado, sandalwood, lavender, gogi Berry, jojoba, rosemary oil) Followed by a Hydrating facial:
(ingredients) Lavender Sage, Lemon, Seaweed, Alo Vera, Vitamin C, Sandlewood & Gogi Berry to name a few).

2 hours Total Relaxation with Hydration: $275

Add a aromatherapy relaxation massage. Choose from lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus or pineapple.

$5 Additional


Golfers Delight

Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage, Hands and Feet Exfoliation, Peppermint Mud Treatment on sore, cracked dry feet. (Warm towels.)


Spa Bella

Hydrating body wrap with by a deep relaxation massage and organic Gogi berry antioxidant facial followed by deep relaxation craniosacral therapy. Add infrared light for additional $35


Zen Healing

The ultimate relaxation experience! Custom care massage followed Stress Relieving deep cleansing facial with Reiki to end the total relaxation experience all while experiencing the bio mat.


Tranquil Healing

Experience true tranquility with our healing package. Reiki treatment followed by Craniosacral therapy with acupressure to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain, followed by a Kriya relaxation massage.


Sacred Space

1 hour Cranial Sacral & 1 hour Sacred Temple Healing Massage.


Inner Beauty Goddess

50 min relaxation massage with 30 minute facial ( Facial consist of face wash followed by exfoliation, massage and mask. $165. Add deep tissue +15.00


Express Facial

30 mim Custom massage with 20 minute facial ( facial consists of face wash and exfoliate all in one plus massage and mask $150 (add deep tissue +$10.00)


Quick Delight

30 minute massage with 30 minute anti aging facial.


Gorgeous Delight

50 minute Anti Aging facial with 30 minute massage.


Detox with Far Infrared Light

Customized Massage, Honey Almond Scrub, followed by back Marine Mud Pack with Organic Enzyme Mask Facial. All while detoxing on Far Infrared Bio Mat.


Bio Mat Pain & Stress Relief

Our BioMat treatments offer a host of benefits. Using negative ions and amethyst crystals, the far infrared light waves will  strengthen your immune system, increase energy, cleanse & detoxify, relief pain, and ensure you will  sleep better. 15 minute minimum.


In A Hurry? Mini Spa Packages

Our Mini Spa Wellness Packages are just what your need in your stressful day. Escape for 30 minutes and treat yourself to staying healthy and reliving stress.

Upper Body Treatment

Relieve your neck and shoulder pain in this quick tune-up.

30 mins


Lower Back Treatment

Relieve your lower back pain.

30 mins


Mini Massage Treatment

When you are short on time, but still need to treat yourself.

30 mins


Migraine Headache Relief

When the body is out of balance, headaches and other symptoms may surface and become very painful, affecting your overall quality of life. Let us relieve you with a wonderful head and neck massage. We perform Acupressure Treatment on sinus points and include Cranial Sacral Therapy.

30 mins


Indian Face Massage

Relaxing and invigorating massage focusing on your face, ears, scalp, neck, shoulders, and upper arm. Perfect to relive stress and regain your sense of well being.  Because this form of massage is done over the clothing in a seated position it can be done anywhere and at any time, making easily available just about anywhere.

30 mins


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