How To Pick A Day Spa To Visit

As a Day Spa owner on Hilton Head Island since 2004, I can see our success remains based on these key point:

1: A Professional website
2. Great Spa photos
3. Therapist credentials
4. Details about spa service. offered
5. The first contact
6. Quality of the service

Here are other common questions to think about when looking for the perfect Day Spa:

Is the website professional?

Is it easy to navigate? Are there specific details about the services?

Are the photos clear and make a statement?

Are there several pages of content or 2 or 3?

Are there pictures of the lobby and treatment rooms?

Are the photos professional?

Do the photos tell a story and draw you in? Photos need to be clear and never blurry.

Are the photos current or outdated?

Do the photos project a sense of relaxation?

Are the colors warm and soft? Blue green and natural colors always add to

the atmosphere.

Are there categories for each service? Example: massage, facials packages etc.

Do the categories have detailed descriptions of the services?

Is there additional information regarding the owner and establishment?

Do they have a chat available for instant response to questions and booking? 

In Today’s fast paced world clients prefer to seek information quickly.

Does the  website make a statement of relaxation? It should entice the client to want to investigate and read more. 

Are their links connected to their Facebook, Instagram and Trip advisor pages?

Do you recognize that all day spas are not the same?


How to recognize the various types of day spas:

A day spa consisting of services including hair and nails is a different atmosphere than a Wellness Spa. It can be fast paced and noisy. While a Wellness Spa is quiet and surreal. 

Please think about this. Do you really want to hear a blow dryer or the smell of acrylic nails while receiving your services or would you prefer to relax in a quiet environment on a warm table with relaxing music, with aroma that can relax and open up the senses?

Many years ago when I first started my business I went to a day spa with my mom while on vacation. The therapist took me to a room off the hair salon. The room was extremely small and I could hear the conversation the stylist was having with her client and not to mention the blow dryer. Although the massage was good, the mood was not relaxing. Therefore my experience was not totally relaxing.

A Wellness Spa is about the 3 “C” caring, compassion and calming. A caring experience making sure you are comfortable in the spa room. “Can I get you anything. Are you warm enough on the table etc?”

A compassionate experience is understanding your needs “where does it hurt the most in your body or do you just want to relax” 

A calming atmosphere “is this music ok? Please take your time and relax before getting off the table.” These are some examples: Pampering is a must!

Is there a button or category about all therapists? Does it show their current photo? 

Are they licensed in the state in which they are working? 

How long they have been licensed and which modalities are they passionate about or specializing?

Details about what the spa offers is essential for both new and experienced clients. Are they who they project?

Is it exclusively massages do the only do facials? Can you see they are new to the Industry or have they been in Business for years?

If they are new to the spa industry they might have the need to discount to break into the business. If they give a great service they will have no need to discount. They will receive returning satisfied clients. It’s all about the quality of service!

Since starting in 2004 have never undercut the market. I am passionate about the quality of work and achieving my goal to help others! Pricing should be comparable with other spas offering the same services. Details about the services are always helpful. Many people are new to the spa industry and need more information to feel comfortable. Spa people who visit day spas on a regular basis like details about specific modalities so they are educated and may try something new.

For example: Craniosacral Therapy has been around for years but is still new to many in the industry. When a client has the information to read about the benefits they may decide to try a new modality. 

For instance they may have constant migraine pain or lower back pain or even TMJ. They may have experienced some type of therapy but had no relief. The more information provided the more the clients will be educated. The more they are willing to try, because they want to try because they are tired of their pain and would like some relief.They instantly feel they are in good hand and will relax deeply and heal.

The most important connection is the first call to the spa. Why? Because it gives you a feeling of ease and confidence this is a relaxing, caring compassionate spa. Many clients tell us the reason they booked with us is because the front desk person was calm and friendly. They answered all their questions and were not rushed off the phone. They felt a sense of welcoming even before they have arrived. A great front desk person sets the tone . There is nothing worse than having a conversation that did not feel welcome and then you wonder and doubt how your experience will be before you even arrive.

The first step through the door of the day spa is warm and friendly! The tone will be relaxing with soft healing music and the sense of soothing aroma to breathe! A friendly hello and in that moment you know you picked the right spa!

Quality of service:

Have you experienced a service and were disappointed because the therapist did not do what you asked? For Example: ” I have neck and shoulder pain and the therapy worked mostly on my lower back and feet”. It’s like getting telling your stylist how you like your haircut and then they do what they want? It’s more than frustrating! Not only is it disappointing but you don’t feel better and you were charged for the service!

The key is LISTENING to a successful therapists! 

A great therapist will listen and explain to the client how they will help their individual needs. For example: you may have chronic shoulder or arm pain. A great therapist will find it mostly coming from the neck or maybe you have lower back pain and it’s coming from your hips. These are just a couple of examples.

So listening is key.

Then how skilled is the therapist. Do they take on line continuing education classes or do they take hands-on classes. Hands on is always better. An Instructor who can point out if you are hold a position incorrectly is much more informative than a zoom class where they may be watching but they can’t see up close how the therapist is doing.

So if you are looking to Relax and Quality work I hope this information quality helpful.

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