If You Need Help With Your Meditation, Paula Will Be Your Guide

We all go through life with feelings and emotions. Where do these feelings and emotions come from? Our reactions, our thoughts and our day to day life are influenced by these feelings and emotions that may become a habit. If you are tired of making the same mistakes over and over again and would like a better quality of life I can help you.

  • If you feel blocked or confused and you don’t know where to turn I can help you
  • If you have trouble making decisions or completing your goal
  • If you like to have inner peace
  • Reduce stress and anxiety

Create Harmony in your life

  • A better attitude
  • Have more confidence
  • Not dependant on other people – be your own person
  • Resolve sleepless nights
  • Learn to trust your own inner guidance

Paula will teach you how to trust the voice inside ( you are in control of your journey in life: no one knows what path you should take. Only you know… Connect with you spirit/soul What is your belief system: Do you know it? Is it working for you? Does it come from positive thoughts or negative thoughts? She will guide you on your journey so you can make healthy decisions. She will help you to become more aware of what you are feeling and your actions. Then she will teach you how to let go of old thought patterns and create healthy ones. We will find the root cause of the issue if needed.

There is no judgment, only caring and compassion

Meditation: The purpose of meditation is to see clearly

Paula will teach you:

  • How to quiet the chatter
  • How to sit still
  • How to relax
  • How to listen

Learn non jugement towards yourself and others.

It helps to center you and achieve inner peace.

You will think and feel better and have more energy

Paula is offering one on one session or group sessions:

$25.00 per 30 minute session

$20.00 per person

Remote Healing with Paula Biondo

Online meditation classes: If you have trouble relaxing, Constant Inner chatter, anxiety, depression, nervous energy or just want to learn how to meditate. 1 to 4 sessions is usually needed, depending on your individual needs

1 hr zoon session: Paula is an Intuitive Empath: Spiritual Coach

Understand the needs of others for deep spiritual healing.

Releasing energy blockages, old thought patterns, helping make healthy choices & offering a more positive way of seeing things. Helping connect with Spirit. There are always more than one choice. So many roads to heal our souls… call her cell 843-816-3355 for more details and discuss further

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