Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness | Pampering Packages
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Pampering Packages

Renew your mind, body, and spirit on a journey to true wellness. At Hilton Head Island Spa & Wellness,  you can escape from life’s stress and distractions with custom designed treatment packages. Located just off the Sea Pines Circle, we are close to the beach and Island Resorts.

Golfers Delight

Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Massage, Hands and Feet Exfoliation, Peppermint Mud Treatment on sore, cracked dry feet. (Warm towels.)


Sacred Space

1 hour Cranial Sacral & 1 hour Sacred Temple Healing Massage.


Queen For The Day

Customized Massage with Anti Aging Facial.


Inner Beauty Goddess

1 hour customized massage and 30 minute facial.


Quick Delight

30 minute massage with 30 minute anti aging facial.


Gorgeous Delight

60 minute Anti Aging facial with 30 minute massage.


Detox with Far Infrared Light

Customized Massage, Honey Almond Scrub, followed by back Marine Mud Pack with Organic Enzyme Mask Facial. All while detoxing on Far Infrared Bio Mat.


Bio Mat Pain & Stress Relief

Our BioMat treatments offer a host of benefits. Using negative ions and amethyst crystals, the far infrared light waves will  strengthen your immune system, increase energy, cleanse & detoxify, relief pain, and ensure you will  sleep better. 15 minute minimum.