Emerald Sun Hydrosol


Uplifting aromatic orange blossom (neroli) distillate & ormus enriched mountain source spring water is infused with aloe vera & pure olive-derived sodium hyaluronate for deep hydration.



Our skin-quenching, ‘heavy-water’, light serum helps to soothe, hydrate and energize skin for a dewy-fresh and brighter look. Skin-awakening peony root and algae extracts with protective alpine buddleja and edelweiss plant extracts help to minimize the appearance of skin dryness and aging effects and promote a renewed look of healthy skin.


Cell energizing; Rapid cell turnover; Collagen boosting; Antioxidant; Immune 

enhancement; Anti-inflammatory; Hydrating; Toning


◊ Skin rapidly renews itself for fresher complexion

◊ Increased Hydration retention in skin

◊ Increase in collagen for firmer skin

◊ Enhanced protection against aging effects in skin

◊ Skin’s immune system is activated for a clearer complexion

◊ Natural UV protection guards against DNA damage

◊ Repair of UV damaged cellular DNA is enhanced

◊ Skin is toned & properly pH balanced◊ Hyperpigmentation is decreased with more even skin tone

◊ Skin is lightly moisturized and well hydrated


Hydrated, calm, fresh and brighter appearing skin. (Note: Normal cell 

turnover for skin regeneration is around 40 days. Changes in skin structure typically become visibly evident after 30-40 days of consistent, daily use and continue to improve over time.)