Phyto-Cleanse I Lemon Balsam


This delicious, creamy avocado and delicate lemon-balsam aromatic cleanser gently soothes and moisturizes skin as it effectively removes dirt and makeup.



Skin quenching and luscious, our creamy facial cleanser with moisturizing avocado butter and coconut oils gently cleanses as it helps to effectively remove impurities and make-up. Pure organic aloe vera juice infused with herbs supports calm and hydrated skin. An essential oil blend with an uplifting lemon aroma pleasantly soothes your senses as you cleanse. (pH 5.5-5.6)


  • No sulfates or harsh cleansers
  • PH Balanced to protect skin’s natural moisture barrier and acid mantle
    against bacteria invasion and dryness
  • Deep cleanses without irritation or drying skin out
  • Does not clog pores
  • Replenishes moisture and nourishes skin with natural plant ingredients