Rhassoul Refining Exfoliant


This potent, extremely effective scrub is made entirely of Moroccan rhassoul from mineral rich, ancient clay beds and finely ground siliceous earth crystals from the ocean floor. This powder blends beautifully with pure water and any Rich Earth cleanser to make a refining, polishing scrub that leaves skin incredibly smooth.



Skin awakening, yet gentle, our skin-refining exfoliant powder captures and helps remove impurities from the skin’s surface giving your complexion a smooth, soft and more refined appearance. This carefully crafted blend of mineral-rich rhassoul clay found in ancient deposits in the Atlas mountains of Morocco and finely ground crystalline silaceous earth from the ocean floor may be custom-blended for your individual skin tolerance with any liquid medium including water, cleanser or a face mask.

Properties Mildly abrasive; Mineralizing; High negative charge; Stimulating; Purifying

◊ Exfoliates skin’s surface for smoother texture
◊ Reduces fine line and skin discolorations
◊ Improves elasticity and firmness
◊ Balances oil secretions without drying out skin
◊ Stimulates circulation to replenish skin with oxygen & nutrients
◊ Deep cleanses pores and surface debris
(high negative charge attracts dirt & debris)
◊ Helps remineralize skin
◊ Prepares skin to better absorb nutrients & moisture from product
applications that follow enhancing their benefits for the best result

Refined skin appearance with softer, more even-toned skin and fewer fine lines, improved skin tone and color with thicker, more firm skin, and cleaner pores.