Skin Restore Body Oil


This inviting, sensuous aromatic body moisturizer is made of 100% active ingredients to nourish and protect skin from environmental damage and to support repair of tissues.



ISUN’s skin-restoring body oil is an elegant, rich moisturizer for skin that wants to be nurtured with something more. Thirst-quenching, skin-loving oils that include sunflower, sesame, hemp and rosehip seed oils are enhanced with concentrated herb infusions potent with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. A sensuous earthy blend of essential oils offers an enticing aroma to warm your senses.


Moisturizing; Antioxidant; Regenerating; Soothing; Nourishing; Antimicrobial


◊ Skin is deeply moisturized 

◊ Skin is richly nourished and protected from environmental damage

◊ Skin is calmed and soothed

◊ Natural antioxidants provide an SPF of around 6

◊ Nutrients help repair skin damage and keep skin healthy


Skin feels nourished and moisturized and the aromatherapy gives a feeling of 

warmth, comfort and sensuality.