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A holistic approach to improving your health

Imagine being able to heal your body while you relax in soothing energizing heat. That’s the benefit of BioMat’s technology. It’s effortless, easy to use and feels great, all while delivering deep healing.

The Bio Mat is an advanced and effective medical device  that combines modern technology and Eastern Medicine to provide whole body healing.

Amethyst crystals are engineered into the surface of the BioMat. Scientists have discovered that  Amethyst quartz is a powerful detoxifier and has the ability to deliver high frequency and far-infrared light waves.  It can balances and stabilizes energies, improve sleep patterns, detoxifies the body and deepens your state of relaxation.

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Recent studies show that far infrared light stimulates the production of healthy cell tissue, which can promote faster, more complete healing processes. Far infrared therapy also encourages the elimination of cellular wastes and toxins.

Experience a BioMat

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BioMat can help improve your immune system, cardiovascular health, and increase blood circulation. One of the best reasons for a BioMat treatment is it’s ability to reduce inflammation and ease joint pain and stiffness.


BioMat Detoxification Spa Treatments

BioMat Detox with Far Infrared Light $385

Customized Massage, Honey Almond Scrub, followed by Full body seaweed & aloe mud Pack with Organic Enzyme Mask Facial. All while detoxing on Far Infrared Bio Mat.

Bio Mat Pain & Stress Relief $65

Our BioMat treatments offer a host of benefits. Using negative ions and amethyst crystals, the far infrared light waves will  strengthen your immune system, increase energy, cleanse & detoxify, relief pain, and ensure you will  sleep better. 15 minute minimum. 1 Hour