Bellanina Spa Hilton Head Island


We offer a variety of facial and skin care services including 30 min, 60 min, and 90 min sessions. All of our facials are preformed with the highest quality skin care products imported from around the world.  Professional facial offers significant improvement in the health and appearance of the skin. Designed for specific skin types and conditions, and are customized for the full spectrum of skin concerns.

Collagen Facial with Vitamin C $150

Vitamin C mask ( hydration & pigmentation)
A Collagen Mask (firming/ lifting)
Firming, Lifting & Hydrating Facial – Promotes intense hydration, elasticity, diminishes & reduces the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles: Provides age defying antioxidants: Pure organic exfoliation penetrates the skin for a clearer healthy look. A Rapid tightening of the skin combined with a smoother texture gives you the ultimate results in one treatment. Serum, Mask & Moisturizer all filled with Collagen/HA Matrix. $140 (55 min)

Radiant Light Anti Aging Facial

Only the best for her! Hydrate, Exfoliate, lift and firm! Wildcrafted and Organic: Cool coconut, cucumber, aloe vera Goji Berry, Seaweed, chamomile and Lavender are some of the main ingredients for hydration, tired aged skin. Resveratrol & Vitamin C for A TOTAL ANTI AGING EXPERIENCE: $160 60 minutes: Package of 3 save $30) 

Bellanina Facelift Massage $135

The Bellanina Facelift Massage tones and tightens facial muscles. Warm lavender towels and a patented honeylift mask rehydrate and soften the skin for a more youthful look. Massage of the neck and chest are included so each treatment leaves you not only glowing but feeling pampered and relaxed.

Deep Cleansing Facial $145

Pure organic products that penetrate thru the 3 layers of the dermis. Silica crystal to exfoliate the skin to reduce/ eliminate black heads Wild kakadu plum, pearl powder, aloe vera, citrus lemon peel, vitamin C and lavender are some of the ingredients for the most radiant deep leasing facial. This is a complete facial with cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating, mask, and massage.

Cranio Sacral Facial With Acupressure $140

Facial alignment- Cranio Bones can shift and cause pain and unhealthy structural facial bones, which can lead to many problems. Enjoy an extremely relaxing facial with craniosacral. See results in one session. Anti- Aging – Invigorating & healing. What better way to stay young, this facial will also reduce fine lines and dark circles.

Honey Goji Berry Facial $140

Eliminates impurities and hydrates skin. An excellent source of Vitamin C! Deeply hydrates the skin, promotes firmness and uniformity to the skin and diminish fine lines & dark circles, brown spots, and puffiness. See results in one treatment.  Head and neck massage included with this facial.

Rejuvena Ultrasonic Facial $145

Rejuvena Premium Lightwave system: LED Bed, Blue & Gold  light ways
Reduce fine dry skin lines and increase Collagen. Negative Ions improves blood circulation and eliminates dead skin cells. Ultrasonic massage allows nutrition to penetrate deep into the skin. Pure C liquid vitamin C helps to increase collagen. The Fastest results in skin care.

Step 1 Soft peel function: removal of old & dead skin cells removes impurities. Promotes circulation.
Step 2 Blue light function Sonic massage, nutrition & deep cleansing- improves trouble skin – brightens skin.
Step 3 Red light function: Sonic massage – improves elasticity, reduces free radicals, soothes skin damage caused by UV rays. Reduces inflammation.

Vitamin C Moisturizing Facial $140

An anti aging hydrating facial treatment.
Pure Deep Cleansing organic avocado, lemon balsam facial cleanser and Moroccan clay exfoliate rich in minerals from the sea. Results in a manual microdermabrasion creating a natural skin polishing. An extensive facial massage that will, tone & texture the skin, including an acupressure eye treatment to reduce dark circles and puffiness. A mask consisting of Vitamin C, Goji Berry & Acai Berry Honey and Honey Suckle

Anti Aging Facial for Rosacea: A Calming Skin Treatment $140

Pure Organic products for your sensitive skin. Designed to calm delicate inflamed and hypersensitive skin associated with rosacea. Cleansed with a Lavender/sage face wash, followed with a gentle Enzyme exfoliate with herbs and fruit enzyme powder. A Blue Green Algae Mask for calming, cooling and hydrating the skin. Reduces redness & and offers immediate comfort for stressed skin.

Signature Organic Facial $135

This treatment begins with customized organic ingredients to impose deep cleansing action and gentle exfoliation. Enjoy a soothing neck, shoulder, hands & feet massage. Organic essential masque, serum & moisturizer are included, selected upon your skin type.

Advanced Anti-Aging Facial $145

A deep cleansing of the face (honey almond scrub) followed by 30 minute face massage (Chamomile Organic oil) with a Organic Honey or Collagen-Elastin Clay mask. (Purchase 10 treatments resulting in decreasing & preventing fine lines while reducing puffiness and increase toning, firming and texturing.

Men’s Signature Facial $135

A relaxing facial for men. Anti aging facial with hydration and toning. Pure organic penetrates through the skin for the most healthiest clear skin. Neck and shoulder massage included.

Mini Organic Facial $65

Cleanse, Hydrate, tone and texture.

Back Facial: $140

Experience a therapeutic back treatment that will sooth and rebalance the complexion of the back. Includes deep cleanse exfoliation and treatment masque to eliminate tension

Teen Facial $95

For young girls who may or may not have trouble spots on their skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and repair. This facial is designed to specifically address adolescent skin. Neck and scalp massage included. 45 Minutes.

*Disclosure: All our facials include the Bella Nina facial lift massage facial. We are certified in cleansing, hydrating, toning and texturizing. They also include a 20 minute face massage.