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Healing From The Heart


During this 10 week program, we will use meditation to develop a quiet stillness so you can find and listen to your inner voice. Paula will guide you in your spiritual growth so you can connect with your heart and see the steps and cycles of your life.

We are all on a path and at different stages of our life journey. Listening, learning how to deal with obstacles, examining our choices, and dealing with pain & grief in a healthy way are some of the benefits we will strive for.

During these sessions, there is no judgement, nothing is bad or good, it “just is”. You will strengthen your ability to listen and feel from the heart and how to truly be in the moment. You will expand your understanding of love, kindness, patience, mindfulness, discernment, and acceptance.

Every individual is unique and each experience will be different. Paula will design a guidance plan especially for you and teach you how to apply the skills you learn. Take this opportunity to see what gifts appear, what lessons we can learn, and how to experience deeper inner peace in a caring non-judgmental environment.

Spiritual Guidance Counseling $100

Learn to feel, understand, and apply love, kindness, mindfulness, patience, discernment, forgiveness, and more. This is a 10 Week Course, each session is 1 Hour. 1 Session

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