Holiday Specials : Expires 1/5/2022

Palmetto Holiday Pampering:

Stress release massage with cbd oil & Lavender to relieve inflammation, joint pain, and stress. plus a Collagen Facial to hydrate, lift, firm and clear & even out skin tone. 2 hours of bliss $240.

Enjoy a Relaxation massage with Aroma that will relax you & open up the senses, choose from lavender lemon or Eucalyptus, then experience our Anti aging facial with Vitamin C Pure Organic for pure hydration ! $195.00 Save $10.00 

Islanders Tranquil Detox: A Rainbow Massage

10 aromatherapy oils with the emphasis on feet and spine to release toxins, followed by a Far Infrared light waves therapy for 30 minutes to reduce inflammation and additional toxins in the body! Ending with a Pearl Radiance deep cleansing facial to even out the skin tone, take our impurities and hydrate. 2.5 hours $300.

Expires Jan 5th, 2022