Mindfulness Retreat

Life is a journey, not a destination….

In this journey together, we will be mindful 

This retreat is an offering of no judgment, just a safe space to honor who you are and open the channel of insights, new perspectives, mindfulness & love & joy.

Exploring and finding the treasure you have to offer the world! Your gift! 

Everyone has a unique gift. 

Let the mystery unfold, and enjoy the ride..

Healing will occur when you are ready. It will feel like a tremendous load has been lifted.  Feeling wounded is natural.  Freedom to let go of the wounds is a natural way of being.

A conscious effort to work with the shadow side.  The shadow does not have to be negative. Seeing what you need to see.

We are all imperfect being joined together through the collective cosmic consciousness


Being mindful of growing spiritually for a more joyful life.

There are infinite possibilities the world has to offer. 

Balancing the energies in the throat and heart chakra. 

Unstructured old behavior and thoughts that no longer serve you. Breaking free from the blockages that hold you back..a sense of awesome.

Learning how energy works ( group participation)

Everything is vibration 

Feeling from the heart

Setting healthy boundaries…

Acknowledge accomplishments with honor 

Let the past go… loving memories will be there. Let the baggage go..

Letting go of worry, anger, doubt, anxiety and miss trust.

The workshop will consist of different spiritual presentations (discussions), The I Ching, body work~ one  Craniosacral with chakra balancing session, one Reiki session,  daily meditation, group work or one on one 

One Spiritual reading 

Guides angles and animal spirits

Answers & questions 

4-day workshop. Monday through Thursday 

3 hours per day 9:30 -12:30

4 day cost $1200.00

Dates offered: 2023

                        April 10~13

                        May 8~11

                        June 5~8