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Have you been living in a way that doesn’t feel fulfilling to you? Maybe you feel lost, confused and in need of a new direction, but you don’t know which way to turn. Maybe you’re tired of some aspect of your life—whether it’s your job or your love life—and you could use a friendly push to help you fix the problem area.

These experiences are common in life, especially in today’s modern world that’s full of distractions, possibilities and comparisons. It can be tough to make decisions and to know which way to go with your life. So many people get stuck, ending up lost, lonely or feeling like nothing ever goes their way.

If you relate to any of these feelings, you may be in need of a fresh perspective or simply need someone to talk to… someone to hear you. You may benefit from having someone to guide you from their own wisdom and by helping you tap into yours.

We can help at Hilton Head Island Spa. We offer intuitive life coaching designed to help you get unstuck and find your life purpose.

Intuitive Coaching is also referred to as Spiritual Coaching also


If you’re feeling stuck or uncertain in your life, intuitive coaching could be the key that opens the door and shows you your path forward. These are spiritual coaching services that are similar to life coaching. But instead of focusing solely on practical steps you can take to change your day-to-day life, this type of coaching:

  • Uses the practitioner’s intuition to find what’s holding you back and help you heal spiritually and emotionally so you can move past those blockages
  • Guides you to become in tune with your own intuition so you can know what you truly want and how to make it happen

Together, these two actions stop your life from being stalled, from going around in circles or from moving in the wrong direction. Spiritual intuitive coaching shows you the right path—the one you couldn’t find before or couldn’t be certain about—and it helps you take those steps forward on that path, toward the life you want to be living. A life filled with inner peace and purpose.


There are times in life when we’re all confused and unsure of our next steps. It happens to everyone… although some may be more lost than others. This is especially likely if you live outside yourself, making comparisons to others and blaming the world for your problems. We are never fully happy when we cannot see how we are participating in these circumstances.

We are all imperfect beings, works in progress. Life is about the journey and how we deal with obstacles along the way. To live a life of fulfillment and purpose, we must connect with ourselves and work on ourselves.

Spiritual coaching services can help you with this process. This type of coaching teaches you to go within… to connect with your inner self and listen to your true passions and your soul’s purpose. This practice can help you stop being thrown off track by the messages the world tells you or what other people are doing. Instead, you seek and find what is right for you.

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Even when you tune out the world around you, your own thoughts may be filled with chatter and confusion. But there is a deeper part of you that knows the way for your life. Intuitive coaching helps you connect with this inner self.

You learn to go within. You may have had this kind of experience from time to time when you were riding your bicycle, walking the beach, meditating or taking a bath. You were able to quiet your thoughts and see how you participated in your life experiences. Perhaps inspiration or enlightenment popped into your mind. Your past, present and future became clearer to you.

This is what spiritual coaching can offer you. Rather than being lost in confusion and waiting for one of those moments of inspiration to arrive, you can learn to quiet the chatter and listen to your inner voice. It will become easier to find those moments of inspiration and clarity on demand.


Each person’s path is different, so results from intuitive coaching will vary and be personal to you. Nonetheless, the goal is to help you find your soul’s desire and what is right for your life. Through intuitive coaching, you can learn more about yourself and how to move forward in your life. It can teach you to:

  • Understand the influences in your life and where they come from, so you can overcome them
  • Recognize your attitude and how it’s impacting you
  • Let go of old thought patterns
  • Heal old wounds
  • Let go and open yourself to new possibilities and perspectives
  • See how you’re holding on to emotional trauma
  • Understand how you’re swallowing or avoiding sorrow or misfortune, and see how that’s impacting your body, mind and spirit
  • Find what is happening on a deeper level to understand the core issues affecting you and where they come from
  • See if a belief system or habit is limiting you
  • Work on trust issues, self-esteem, communication and other important areas of life


You’ll find spiritual coaching services to help guide your life at Hilton Head Island Spa. Because we are all individuals with unique needs, each session is customized to you. You may be helped in as few as one session, or if you feel like you need more, we offer packages for you to continue your journey.


Intuitive coaching sessions at Hilton Head Island Spa are led by Paula Biondo, an intuitive who has been helping people improve their lives for over 18 years. Paula has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and extensive training in visual cranial sacral therapy, which relates to emotional healing. She will always respect your boundaries, but with your permission, she has the ability to see deep within your soul.

Paula will dig in and search for the root cause of why you feel the way you do, without judgment. Her mission is to teach you to listen to your soul, understand yourself and express your life to the fullest.

If you’re ready to let go of confusion and blockages to find your life of passion and purpose, try our Hilton Head Island, SC spiritual coaching services. Learn more about our intuitive coaching packages or sign up for a session by calling (843) 368-5026.

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