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The Amethyst BioMat

When an innovative invention reaches the public masses, it usually takes several years before it becomes “an overnight success”. Such is the case with the Amethyst BioMat. The BioMat research and development has been completed with superb care focusing on attention to detail. This thorough approach has created a product second to none on the market with two outstanding international companies, Richway International and Fuji Bio-Science behind it.

The principle reason the BioMat is so effective is the high tech combination of negative ions, far infrared rays and amethyst quartz. Developed by a collection of highly skilled scientists, medical professionals and engineers, the quantum formula created special functions to provide strength and energy to the body while it relieves pain. Negative Ions are found only in clean air. Breathing this clean air with certain type of Ion can be as beneficial as a medical treatment. Too many positive Ions within our cells block absorption of nutrition and waste material cannot be eliminated properly. When the negative Ion is present blood alkaline increases and cell function is activated. This affect increases our immune system by balancing the Autonomic Nervous system between adrenal and insulin functions, providing disease resistance.

Long wave (far) infrared rays have three characteristics. First is radiation which means light reaches an object without using the air. Such as sunlight to earth through vacuum of space by radiation. Next is the deep impact power. Far infrared rays differ from ordinary light and short wave rays. Long wave rays penetrate deeply. This is why it warms our body from the inside out and stimulates our system.

Third characteristic is resonance and absorption. Like ringing a bell, the vibrations strengthen molecules movement, which increase human electronic energy. The bodily functions are stimulated as the rays warm us. Perspiration helps release unhealthy materials present in our bodies as the heat source relieves fatigue of muscles. Amethyst Quartz is nature’s super conductor. Korea is the primary source and location of this highest quality amethyst. Earth’s energies have been absorbed by these crystals. It also relieves problems with convulsions, the stomach and balances blood sugar while containing calming traits.

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