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The Art of Massage

There is Massage and then there is “The Art of Massage”

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I like to say “there is massage and there is massage!” Now what does that exactly mean? Like any profession there are people who do their job and there are people who are passionate about their work!  I am one of those who is passionate about my work! Anyone can get licenses to be a massage therapist. But how many are passionate about their work? Many times my clients will say “you make massage an art – I have received many massages and no one gives me a massage like you!” I am so appreciative to hear these words, because I love helping people get well and feel better! Nothing brings me more joy than to see a client walk out of the room SMILING AND SAY “Gosh I feel SO good!”

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To me massage is an Art! I would like to explain to you what I mean by “the art of massage!” It takes more than going to school to and getting a licensed to be a massage therapist. Don’t get me wrong, there are some very good massage therapist coming right out of school .But I believe it takes much more to cultivate your gift as a therapist. Educating yourself, with continuing my education is helpful. By learning about the body mind and spirit, with Self-growth classes to improve who I am and get in touch with who I am. We cannot help others if we do not learn about ourselves. I have traveled all around the world and met many different types of people and cultures. I believe all of this has helped me to create my own art of massage.

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The art of massage for me is: Before the sessions starts I sit down with my client and discuss the reason or reasons why they have come. Everyone has unique individual needs.  This makes no two sessions the same. All this information helps me to create “the art of massage. At the start of a session I allow the client to relax for a few moments.  When I enter the room I make sure I am grounded before I put my hands on my clients.  I walk around the table and feel the presence of my client. I then connect with them. If they are here for an emotional healing session I ask myself “what is troubling this client” I look pass the symptom. What is the emotional element and where is their pain coming from.  

The next step in creating the art of massage is the initial connection. I don’t just place my hands on my client. As I walk around the table, I am draw to a certain area of the body. It may be a shoulder and arm the neck etc. Intuitively I receive a message from my heart to make the initial connect. My intention is to make my client for safe. This connection enables me to create a session that is just for this client. The art or creativity enables the client to trust, relax and let go. By listening to what my heart hears and feels I am able to connect with what the client needs. When the client goes into deep relaxation the body is able to let go.  Craniosacral Therapy In Hilton Head, SC-

The next part of creating the art of massage when initiating contact is the question what does this client need. Do they need lite touch, energy work, deep tissue, craniosacral, silent talk, etc.? For example many people have neck, shoulder and upper back pain.  I may start with just holding their neck. I see how the energy is flowing. Is the energy centered in the neck or leaning towards the rt  or left etc? How is the Cranio wave moving?  I may hold different points on the head and occipital ridge listen and wait! What for what? Wait for the movement of the wave of energy to flow in the correct direction. This is one way of creating the art of massage.

Another way may be working the neck muscles. If the neck is not moving freely we may do acupressure on certain points to relieve pain or blockages so the neck can move freely.  I may do some cranio on the occipital ridge depending how the energy is moving. I might do some light long strokes for soothing the client These are some examples.

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Personalized service is considered an art. If a client comes in and wants to relieve stress we will create a relaxing environment. When they enter the spa they will feel comfort from the relaxation music and the aroma will be soothing. The staff is warm and friendly. They immediately receive the first connection to relaxing. We take them to the room and the table will be heated. The warm of the table is comforting to the body, mind and spirit. The therapist will start the stress release session with a customized head and ear massage. This is a great way to create deep relaxation. As she or he moves around the table long gliding strokes to release tension and continue the deep relaxation. All of this contributes to creating the art of massage and environment.

So if you go to a Spa and they are not welcoming there is no aroma and the music is not soothing I would turn around and look for a place that will create the art that you will need for your healing! Or….

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