The Benefits of Liquid Collagen

Why Liquid Collagen and What Are The Benefits of Taking Liquid Collagen

Four years ago my thumbs started hurting me. I was thinking: what am I going to do? I obviously need my hands for my work. One morning, while sitting outside on my balcony doing mediation, I asked for guidance. When I came out of the meditation, I was feeling quite peaceful.

A friend and healer, Tao Haung, called me shortly after (no joke). He asked me how I was feeling. He said he had problems with his knees from working on people and wanted to know if I was having pain from being a therapist for 18 years. His girlfriend, Liz, introduced him to Liquid Collagen because she wanted to help him relieve his discomfort. He started taking it. He was so happy to tell me that his knees had no more joint discomfort after taking liquid collagen for 3 months. He said he thought of me because I was a true friend to him when he needed someone and he wanted to help me if I was having any joint discomfort.

At first, I was a little reluctant. But then I thought about it and said to myself what do I have to lose? There was only the potential of gain. So I began my research and tried the product for myself. I first want to tell you what the product did for me and then I will tell you about the research.

Personal Results With Liquid Collagen

I started taking the product religiously every day. I took the recommended dose, which is 2 tablespoons per day. The Collagen is in liquid form, and you swoosh it in your mouth before swallowing. The molecules are extremely small, so by swirling it around in your mouth before swallowing it can help the Collagen to penetrate faster.

I forgot to mention the pain in my thumbs after 18 years was very scary. The joints in my thumbs felt weak and hurt continually. However, every day I continued to work on my clients. I never mentioned it to anyone, for fear that if my clients found out they would not come to see me.

Well after only 3 weeks I HAD NO MORE THUMB discomfort ! I was so happily surprised! I was amazed it worked so fast. Tao had told me to try the collagen for 90 days to see results. I continued to have no pain in my hands.

More Results With Liquid Collagen

The second result I had from the liquid Collagen was that I woke up one morning and noticed that I no longer had dry eyes. Before I started taking the collagen, I noticed one morning my eyes were very dry. So much so, in fact, that I even had some trouble opening my eyes. It was a horrible feeling.

I went to the eye doctor and he gave me some drops. I noticed that it only worked if I kept taking the drops, which have a lot of chemicals in them. I am not big on chemicals. But with the liquid Collagen, my dry eye is gone and the tendons in my hands are repaired. I said to myself: I want to share this with all my clients!

The third result from taking liquid collagen was a delightful surprise for me. I looked in the mirror one morning while I was applying moisturizer to my face and noticed I had a brown spot that had DISAPPEARED. I said: wow, the Collagen eliminated the brown spot too!

Fortunately, I am 58-years-old and do not have any wrinkles. However, I believe if the brown spot disappeared so will fine lines. I have been taking collagen for 4 years and my skin is moist and I continue to have no lines around my eyes.The fourth result from taking liquid collagen appeared in my gums. I religiously go to the dentist twice a year for a cleaning. My dentist mentioned to me when she looked in my mouth that my receding gums on the bottom part of my teeth were coming back. She was amazed. I said: wow, must have been the collagen!

My Liquid Collagen Research

The research I have done is with Asma Ishaq: She is the creator of the liquid Biocell. Here is what I found. I believe with all my heart that Asma really cares about people. Simply listening to one of her talks about the product and the company will convince you of that. She is kind, compassionate, smart, thoughtful and loving.

Asma lives her life and runs her business with integrity. She created this product, which has had several clinical trials, has seven US and International patents and has won multiple industry rewards. The ingredients are clinically shown to promote healthy aging for active joints and younger looking skin.

Liquid BioCell is a multi-patented power Collagen/HA Matrix, which provides rapid delivery, fast absorption, and proven results. The liquid form is broken down with small molecules which absorb rapidly. Powders and capsules are not able to break down the same way.

The liquid Collagen helps replenish the wear and tear of the connective tissues and reduces the visible signs of aging. The combination of Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid are essential.

This is the only Collagen on the market that includes HA

This product goes beyond the skin. 

  • HA molecules enhance the Collagen’s ability to work. No other Collagen has the HA in it that works and shrinks it to absorb through the digestive tract. After 28 days, it increases the HA by 6,000 to 9,000%. 
  • Our connective tissues (tendons, ligaments, discs, and fascia) need the communication network that the HA lubricates.
  • We have over 16 types of collagen in our body: 90% of the Collagen in our body is  from 1-12-13. The kind of Collagen that can elevate Collagen in the body is Collagen 1-2-3. Biocell Collagen comes from the body sternum of a chicken and can elevate collagen 1-2-3 in your body.

Try Liquid Collagen Now With Our Kit

Amino acids and antioxidants support the Collagen in the body. Each blend has amino acids and antioxidants which boost the immunity by increasing the size and activity of the immune cells which are needed for healthy tissues.

This product was well thought out and carefully made to give us the highest quality of Collagen and HA absorption. Other companies, which are cheaper or vegan, do not have Collagen 1-2-3.

Liquid BioCell has been shown to:

  • Improve joint mobility & lubrication
  • Reduce joint discomfort
  • Promote healthy cartilage & connective tissue
  • Decrease dry skin
  • Improve skin’s hydration, firmness & elasticity
  • Increase skin’s collagen content
  • Reduce hyaluronidase (the enzyme that can make your skin age)
  • Promote healthy skin and nails

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Liquid Collagen Could Be Right For You!

I have been the owner of Hilton Head Spa & Wellness since it was established in 2004. I have also been a licensed therapist for 18 years. Over the past 18 years, I have done a lot of research and taken many continuing education classes in the health and wellness industry. I am passionate about all the modalities I have learned and the experiences I have had. I have advanced my knowledge in Massage, Visionary Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, BioDynamic Cranio, Intuitive Life Coaching, Meditation Practices, Organic Facials, Detoxification, Nutrition, and Anti-aging Treatments. Based on my latest research, I have become passionate about the benefits of Collagen.

Interested? Give me a call or stop in and we can talk.

Paula Biondo